About us

The story of E2e began in 2006 when a group of aesthetic European specialists from all walks of life came together to work on
improving aesthetic knowledge for practitioners. Under the leadership of its founders (Stéphanie and Patrick TREVIDIC),
the first book on botulinum toxin was published. The aim of this book, published in 5 languages, was to connect anatomy and
injection; to make treatments safer and more effective. It was the first book which provided such an essential place to anatomy
and aesthetics, which is the DNA of E2e. It has since been updated and enriched. Given the worldwide success of this book,
4 other books have been published on deep injections, lips, hands, complications. At the same time E2e has become a renowned
school in the field of aesthetics with the worldwide platinum dissection courses taking place in PARIS, BUDAPEST, ITALY,
and ISTANBUL. These courses have enabled thousands of health practitioners to train and improve their skills, in contact with the
best specialists. E2e has published numerous major scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals. E2e also developed
medical education initiatives by producing images, films, 2D and 3D animations as well as slide kits. E2E has been the scientific partner
of numerous laboratories and companies involved in aesthetics, such as ALLERGAN, MERZ and TEOXANE.

  E2e Board

Dr. Gisella CRIOLLO

Dr Gisella Criollo

Scientific Director

Dr Thibault TREVIDIC

Dr Thibault Trévidic


Dr. AZIB Nabila

Dr. Azib Nabila

Scientific Medical Director

Dr Patrick Trevidic

Dr Patrick Trévidic


Stéphanie Trevidic

Stéphanie Trévidic