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Anatomy & Filler Complications

Anatomy & Filler Complications

Serious vascular embolic complications may occur with any kind of filler, even if its biocompatibility is otherwise good. Detailed knowledge of facial anatomy and of its danger zones constitutes an essential element in the prevention of complications.

Injections of dermal fillers have shown tremendous year–on- year growth since their introduction.
Although dermal necrosis has been reported with HA fillers, this adverse event is typically far less severe with HA fillers than with non –HA fillers (with prompt diagnosis and treatment).

Anatomy and Filler Complications emphasizes on the importance in training and educating physicians because there are NO zero risks areas for injection. Accurate descriptions of the main arterial, venous and nervous structures of the face concerned by the risk of injury are to be found.
Prevention is the only recourse, as it will be discussed extensively in this book.

A simple means of grouping the various types of adverse events seen in the clinical practice is helpful for practitioners, since it helps to organize the thought process when considering the differential diagnosis and planning treatment strategies in a clinical setting.
It includes a special chapter with a compilation of photos showing various types of adverse events.

“There is an excellent, up to date look at the specialized filler anatomy of the face along with clear illustrations for rapid comprehension of the clinical significance of the facts.
We cover both the common and uncommon complications with an emphasis on clinical management, best practices, and prevention.
A useful reference volume for active clinical practice. ”
Claudio DeLorenzi, MD FRCS

Book structure:

Chapter1: Introduction and overview of best practice using dermal fillers
Chapter 2: Anatomy of facial danger zones
Chapter 3: Vascular complications of dermal fillers
Chapter 4: Unwanted results and adverse reactions after filler injections
Chapter 5: Complications: Clinical cases


Expert 2 Expert SARL, Paris, France
E2e Medical Publishing
Printed in January 2017
ISBN 978-2-9536179-8-6
EAN 9782953617986