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Anatomy & hand medical rejuvenation

The ideal filler for hand rejuvenation should be safe, non-allergenic, easy to inject into the subdermal plane of the dorsum of the hand, should produce a natural and smooth looking clinical end-point and should have a long duration of effect.

The ageing of the hand has generated much attention lately.
Hands may age quickly due to mechanical use and exposure to the environment. Hand ageing is caused by skin changes and volume loss.
Despite not being seen as a primary symbol of beauty, hands are important for the overall appearance.
Prior to proposing treatments to improve the appearance of hands, ideal hand aesthetics and changes during the ageing process need to be defined.

The aim of this book is to ensure that the techniques addressed in the next chapters are described in sufficient detail to empower and educate the reader carry them out instantaneously. We hope that this publication will provide you with useful information to help you improve your hand rejuvenation techniques.

“It will help you understanding the anatomical architecture in the few millimetres separating the epidermis from the bones and muscles of the back of the hand.
We have tried to focus on a wide range of treatments, techniques and anatomical considerations, although fully appreciate it is impossible to include all aspects on this matter, considering it is a fast growing and ever changing subject. However, the anatomical knowledge we impart in these pages we feel is timeless and a fundamental aspect to furthering the field of hand rejuvenation at large.”
Marc Lefebvre-Vilardebo, MD

Book structure:

Chapter 1 : History of hand rejuvenation
Chapter 2 : Features of the ageing hand. Aims of rejuvenation
Chapter 3: Anatomical keys for optimal volumizing dorsal hand filling
Chapter 4 : Do we currently have ideal injectables for hand injection ?
Chapter 5 : Dilated dorsal hand veins : phebectomy or solerotherapy ?
Chapter 6 : Local anaesthesia for hand rejuvenation
Chapter 7 : Skin rejuvenation


Expert 2 Expert SARL, Paris, France
E2e Medical Publishing
Printed in September 2013
ISBN 978-2-9536179-2-4
ISSN 2265-383X