Anatomy & Volumising Injections

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Anatomy & Volumising Injections

The broad range of different resources available to us today means that we now often have extensive choice when making our therapeutic decisions. However, none of us would want to cross the ill-defined line between pleasing, natural, balanced rejuvenation and a radical change in facial equilibrium.

Facial rejuvenation through volumizing injections:

The topic is of great importance given that the fight against aging is not just a trivial question of fashion but is essential to an individual’s well-being and social relationships.

By performing serial dissections layer by layer, we have identified safe areas as well as potential hazards. This approach seemed necessary to determine the relationships between the various anatomical planes into which inject fillers.
An essential part of this approach is detailed analysis of the different fat compartments which play such an important part in age-related changes to the face.
Our work was completed by the dissection of muscles and septa, as well as the identification of their relationship with the fat compartments.

Therefore, facial aging can no longer be exclusively attributed to the consequences of slippage of the various layers under the influence of gravity, as used to be believed.

“From the first timid filling in of wrinkles barely twenty years ago, through focused filling treatments and ultimately global injection of the whole face, the journey has been long and sometimes difficult but always full of lessons.
Many different products have been used. Some turned out of have a short lifetime and others had adverse effects, serious ones in some cases. Finally, one compound emerged from the pack and now all experts agree on its efficacy; that compound is hyaluronic acid.” Philippe Garcia, MD

Book structure:

Chapter 1 : Preparation, anaesthesia & post-procedure care
Chapter 2 : Infraorbital area : anatomy and dangers
Chapter 3 : Treatment of tear trough by the injection of hyaluronic acid : Hyalurostructure®
Chapter 4 : Injection of the temporal region and the eyebrow
Chapter 5 : The nose : fillers and rhinoplasty
Chapter 6 : Midcheek groove
Chapter 7 : Mandibular line, the marionette line and the chin
Chapter 8 : Individual face balance®: Volume restoration
Chapter 9 : Volumising products and their characteristics
Chapter 10 : Unique qualities of Sculptra®


Expert 2 Expert SARL, Paris, France
E2e Medical Publishing
Printed in October 2012
ISBN 978-2-9536179-1-7
EAN ISBN 978-2-953617917